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Performing raw disk image backup

I read in the Veritas 3.4 and 4.5 manual that it's possible to do raw (disk image) backup of a Windows NT or 2000 disk. My master server 4.5 is running on a Solaris 8 system. I have tried this but get a disk lock failure and a return code of 1. The disk I am backing up, or trying to, has nothing on it. It was added in as the H: drive and formatted (NTFS). NetBackup client code was installed on the C: drive and the first backup I ran failed as above.

A normal backup of any file or disk from this server works OK. I set up the policy as per the instructions in the manual and defined the file as //./H:.

I would appreciate your comments on this as I have an application coming soon that has many millions of tiny files to be backed up and a file level backup of this will take forever. Thanks for your help.
I know it says you can do it, but I've never done that with Windows disks. Apparently, they use the same open file manager to lock the partition you're backing up.

So, then my questions would be:

1. Did you install the open file manager?
2. Have you tweaked its settings as suggested in the FAQ?

By the way, it actually says it should be .c:, not //./c:. Just curious.

Also, is the H: drive local or a network drive? You can't do a raw partition backup of a CIFS-mounted volume.

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