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Pros and cons of converting to VTL

Backup expert W. Curtis Preston outlines the pros and cons of converting to VTL.

We are currently running Netbackup 5.1, but I'm interested in VTLs. Can you talk about the pros and cons of converting to a VTL?
I've written about this quite a bit, so I would search on my name and virtual tape libraries (VTL). [Editor's note: I just tried this and came across a tip he recently wrote: Pros and cons of VTLs] That being said, here is a brief summary. VTLs offer these advantages over regular disk:

  • Easier to share (create a VTL for each server, or use SSO in NBU, DDS in NW, LAN-free in TSM. With a disk array, you must create a partition for each server. Yuck.)
  • Higher performance (thousands of MB/s vs. hundreds)
  • No fragmentation (relates to above)
  • The one disadvantage they have over regular disk is that they're usually more expensive.

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