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Ranking backup software

How would you rank the backup software from the following companies?

CA - Arcserve
Veritas - VVR

My environment is Microsoft Windows and rank based on the following:

1. Ease of backup
2. Ease of restore
3. Ability to step administrator through a system recovery
4. Effective use of a tape library (LTO)

I've got a long list of people that would argue that each of them is the easiest in each of these categories. They all offer relatively easy backup and restore, and all use LTO libraries efficiently. What I can do is to narrow the list and clear up the waters.

Compaq only resells other products, so you don't have to compare them to the others. You only need to decide between buying what they offer from them or from the original ISV that made the product. (Although now that they've merged with HP, they do have Omniback, HP's backup product.)

VVR is a replication product, not a backup product. Veritas' answer to CA's product would be Backup Exec for the workgroup and NetBackup for the enterprise. EMC's EDM is aimed primarily at large shops with quite a bit of EMC storage.

What I advise is to hire a professional to help you evaluate your needs and requirements against the products that are available for your price range. It's not cheap, but it's worth the money.

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