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Resolving error code 1296 during Exchange backups

Brien Posey explains how to resolve a common error code when using VSS-based backup software for Exchange backups.

What is one common Exchange VSS writer issue users could encounter when backing up Exchange databases with VSS-based backup software?

One of the most common Exchange-related VSS errors is error code 1296, which states, "Exchange VSS Writer Failed with Error Code 1296 when preparing components (databases) for backup." This problem occurs as a result of having circular logging enabled.

You can disable circular logging by opening the Exchange Management Shell and entering the following command:

Set-StorageGroup -Identity "First Storage Group" -CircularLoggingEnabled $false

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If such errors are not fixed on time, then these can lead to the corruption of Exchange database files and hence, you can lose your crucial data, but to avoid this situation you can make use of LDP.EXE file but sometimes it also does not works if the files are severely corrupt. Then in that case you are advised to make use of any third party recovery tool.