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Resolving a NetBackup error message when backing up Active Directory

Brien Posey explains what causes a NetBackup error message when backing up Active Directory and how to resolve it.

When backing up Active Directory, I get the error code “Windows File System policy restore error.” What causes that and how so you resolve it?

This is a NetBackup error that is something of a general-purpose, catch-all error message. There are any number of problems that can cause this error.

Generally speaking, this error tends to be related to a job configuration error. For example, this error can be triggered if an incorrect media server is selected or if the resources that are being restored already exist in the destination directory and you have not specified the Overwrite Existing Files option.

The problem can also be permissions-related. If you do not have permissions to write data to the location to which data is being restored, then the error could occur.

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