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Status of NetBackup 6.0

Business continuity expert Pierre Dorion discusses the status of Netbackup 6.0.

In September 2006, there was a recommendation to delay rolling out NetBackup 6.0 due to problems and bugs. I have not seen the status of this since that time and was curious as to whether the product had stabilized. Do you know, or have you heard, the status of this version of NetBackup?
NetBackup 6.0 MP4 was released in late November 2006, and is reported as having addressed most issues reported with earlier releases. MP4 is considered the best 6.0 build so far but as with any other software packages, maintenance and patch releases often 'break' other things while fixing new issues. Symantec is scheduled to release NetBackup 6.5 in mid-2007.

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