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Tape ejecting during vault

What do I have to do to use off-site media, before a media request from off-site? For example, I recalled a tape from off site to do a restore, but when the vault process runs, the tape ejects. I want to have the tape onsite until the restore is completed. I want to change the volume group for that tape and after use, return the tape to the volume group off site. I don't know if that is possible. I appreciate your help.
It appears unusual that tape media containing a previously ejected/vaulted set of images is ejected as part of a subsequent vault. This is given the fact that vault volumes are ejected primarily based on the date range of the images included in the vault profile, not the volume group/pool to which they belong. It is possible the date range for the vault in question is too long and should be adjusted to include only the range of dates for those backup images generated after the last vault session.

For restore operations, NetBackup normally uses the local copy of a backup. A requirement to restore data from offsite tapes should therefore not be frequent unless no local copies exist. In such case, it would be advisable to create two copies to avoid such issues and to provide some level of protection against faulty media.

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