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Testing VSS-based Exchange backups

Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses how to test VSS-based Exchange backups in this Expert Response.

Are there any tools available to test VSS-based Exchange backups?

You really don't need any special tools to test Microsoft Exchange backups. Typically, recovery testing for Exchange is done on a lab server. If you do not have a lab server, then the easiest way to test your Exchange mailbox server backups is to restore an Exchange Server mailbox database to a recovery database. This can be safely done without fear of overwriting your existing data.

After restoring Exchange data to a recovery database, spot-check your backup by creating one or more test mailboxes and restoring items from production mailboxes into the newly created test mailboxes. This type of testing allows you to verify the integrity of the database as a whole because Exchange Server mounts the recovery database and verifies that mailbox contents are recoverable.

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