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The challenges of tape vaulting (don't outweigh its benefits)

David Hill discusses some of the challenges associated with tape vaulting in this Expert Response.

Can you outline some of the challenges associated with tape vaulting?

Vaulting is the process of sending data off-site (i.e., to a remote location) for disaster recovery protection. Although electronic vaulting (e-vaulting) has its place, tape vaulting is still popular.

Tape vaulting does not affect network bandwidth and it is reliable. Tape provides I/O isolation (as it is not in a network and so cannot be corrupted over a network), is totally green when offline (no electricity), and is less costly than disk (at scale).

However, challenges exist. Human error can lead to the data being damaged, lost or stolen. Moreover, tape vaulting involves transportation, typically by truck, over a distance and that takes time.

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