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The right way to set overwrite protection

We are currently running Backup Exec 8.6 for Windows 2000 Server. We are backing up to a NAS box and would like to have five days of backup and then overwrite the sixth day so that we would have five days at all times. We can't figure out how to do this.
The way to achieve the desired result is to set the "overwrite protection period" at the media set level to the number of days for which you want to keep the data. If you have defined a media set for you disk devices, you would set the overwrite protection period for that media set.

This is done through the properties from the Media set tab. The overwrite protection period can be set in hours, days, weeks or years and dictates the retention for the backup data on a particular media set. In your case, you would set it to five days.

Note that you must also set the media overwrite options to indicate in which order you want Backup Exec to overwrite media. In the current context, you would likely want Backup Exec to overwrite recyclable media before scratch media.

I hope this helps.

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