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Troubleshooting Backup Exec 2012 synthetic full backup

Brien Posey discusses how to resolve a common error message you may encounter when creating synthetic full backup with Backup Exec 2012.

How do you create a synthetic full backup with Backup Exec 2012? It seems to be configured correctly, but keeps failing.

Creating a synthetic full backup in Backup Exec 2012 is normally an easy and straightforward process. The most common error that you are likely to receive states: The job was canceled because the response to a media request alert was Cancel, or because the alert was configured to automatically respond with Cancel, or because the Backup Exec Job Engine Service was stopped.

This error message is actually very misleading. In most cases the error occurs because Backup Exec is configured to back up multiple volumes or multiple disks.

The solution is to create multiple synthetic jobs, each for a single volume.

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