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Trying to extend McData fabric to Brocade

I have a brocade 4100, which works with my tape 9840a drives. I was trying to extend my McData fabric via E-Port to the Brocade; however, I can't figure out why the Brocade doesn't log into the McData via WWN. I have "light" and I am connected; however, on the Brocade, I get a blinking light and get "E-Port (unknown)" on the switchshow command. Any ideas? It would be a HUGE help if you can get me through this. Thanks.
So in this case, the Brocade 4100 should enable the tape drive to work; however, assuming that both the Brocade and McData switches are in their native mode, you may not have interoperability. Try putting your Brocade switch into interoperability mode and also make sure that you have unique domain IDs on the switches. Check the McData and Brocade websites for specific details as well as the latest firmware update levels. Both vendors as well as STK also have good trouble shooting information on their websites for customer support.

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