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Trying to restore a hot backup

We are using ARCserve 2000 sp 4 with the Oracle backup agent. We are backing up an Oracle 8.1.7 database in "hot" or "online" backup mode. We are unable to restore that backup set to any node other than the one we created the backup from. We want to refresh a test environment with production data and because of the issue above, the only way we can do it at the moment is to shut down and do a cold backup of the database.

Any solutions greatly appreciated. Source node: Windows 2000 sp 2 cluster. Destination Node: Windows 2000 sp 2.

You should be able to restore a hot backup to another location. I'd have to see what the errors were to advise you more. The techniques in the Oracle backup chapter of Unix Backup & Recovery are actually quite helpful, even if this is a Windows environment.

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