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Understanding and resolving Windows Server 2008 backup error codes

Brien Posey looks at a particular error message within Windows Server 2008 backup and shares a way to resolve it in this Expert Response.

I'm trying to perform a Windows Server 2008 backup and I'm getting the following error code: 0x807800A1. What does that mean and how can I resolve it?

This particular error message is a Volume Shadow Copy Service error. Typically, this error code will be accompanied by an event log message stating that the writer has experienced a non-transient error and that the error is likely to reoccur. Thankfully, this error is usually fairly easy to address.

The problem occurs most often as a result of a service failure. Log into the backup target system as an administrator and then open the Service Control Manager by entering the Services.msc command at the Run prompt. After doing so, verify that the Volume Shadow Copy Service is started and that the startup type is set to automatic. If the service is not running, you can start it manually by right-clicking on it and selecting the Start command from the shortcut menu.

On rare occasions, this particular error has also been known to occur as a result of security software (such as a firewall or an antivirus program) blocking access to the Volume Shadow Copy Service.

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