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Using CDP for laptop and mobile device backup

In this Expert Answer, Brien Posey discusses whether CDP can be used for laptop and mobile device backup.

Is it possible to use continuous data protection (CDP) for laptop and mobile device backup?

A major advantage of CDP is that it maintains a copy of every transaction that takes place in the enterprise. And, if hit by a virus or a corrupted file, you can recover the most recent clean copy of the impacted file. CDP systems that include disk storage allow for data recovery within seconds, much faster than tape backups or archives.

That said, CDP could theoretically be used for laptop and mobile device backup so long as a backup agent can be installed on the device (the agent must be compatible with the device). The bigger challenge, however, is connectivity.

Mobile devices do not maintain constant connectivity to the corporate network in the way that a corporate desktop does. Mobile devices can only be backed up in this way while they have connectivity.

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