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Using NetBackup to backup Serial ATA

Can I backup a Serial ATA (SATA) array over the SAN with NetBackup? I know I can backup to the array. But I want to take the SATA data that I backed up from the real array and back it up to tape and then take that off-site. Thanks very much.
Veritas NetBackup 5.0 offers two options that provide staging to disk:
  • Automated Disk Staging based on Disk Staging Storage Unit (DSSU)
  • and Disk Staging from the NetBackup Vault Option

    However, migration does not take place purely at the SAN level (server-free or device-to-device copy). It becomes an I/O stream from the disk devices, through the NetBackup server, to the tape device.

    Using Disk Staging, it is possible to duplicate the data before or after it was migrated to tape. The Vault Option allows defining different retentions between the disk and tape copies of the data.

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