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VMware VDP offers data protection for small organizations

Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses VMware VDP in this Expert Answer.

What is VMware VDP, and what type of organization can benefit from it?

VMware's vSphere Data Protection (VDP) is a backup and recovery solution that is included with VMware vSphere 5.1. The idea behind this technology is that it allows you to create nondisruptive backups by using snapshots as a part of the backup process.

Rather than performing an in-place backup of a virtual machine (VM), VMware VDP creates a snapshot of running virtual machines and then uses that snapshot to mount duplicate VMs running on an isolated network segment. The backup is then made against these isolated virtual machines.

According to VMware, VDP is designed for smaller environments with fewer than 100 virtual machines and less than 2 TB of VM storage. For larger environments, VMware recommends scaling the process by using multiple VDP appliances.

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