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Veritas Volume Manager lag time?

Storage management expert Brett Cooper offers advice on troubleshooting lag time with Veritas Volume Manager.

What is your experience with Veritas Volume Manager for Windows 2000 Advanced Server?

We have an Intel based server with dual 3.0 gigahertz (GHz) processors and plenty of RAM (2 GB+). When the Oracle Instance is brought up, it takes 14 times longer with Veritas Volume Manager.

The EMC Array is not seeing any performance hits, nor is the SAN. I suspect that Veritas Volume Manager is adding overhead to the disks when accessed.The disks are mirrored at the EMC array level and concatenated at the Veritas Volume Manger level. The server is patched to the latest Volume Manager level, as is the OS. The HBAs are set to automap the LUNs for the EMC array.

I have used Veritas Volume Manager for Windows 2000 Advanced Server successfully on many occasions, and have found the product to be well-suited for a variety of tasks, including use in an Oracle environment. I would suggest opening a support call with the Veritas team and doing some troubleshooting on the environment by looking at its configuration.

You may need more time to start the volume manager, read the volume information off the disks, etc., but I don't believe it should be anywhere near this much time difference.

Again, open a support call with the Veritas team.

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