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What are some examples of open-source data backup tools?

Dave Ellis lists some open-source data backup tools available that offer similar functionality to enterprise-calss data backup software in this ask the expert response.

Are there any open-source data backup tools available that offer similar functionality to enterprise-class backup software from companies like CommVault, IBM, Symantec, etc?
The short answer is yes. However, there are many more issues to consider before blindly downloading an open-source data backup tool, firing it up and heading out the door. First, and foremost, this is your company data. Ask yourself these questions before you invest in an open-source data backup package: Can your company function without it? What testing has been done by this open-source group to ensure you can get your data back online? After all, data backup is about business continuity (BC). What is the support plan for this open-source backup software? If you can't get your data back, who are you going to call?

Be cautious when choosing an open-source backup tool. For example, AMANDA, an open-source backup product, claims to be the most popular open-source data backup and recovery software in the world. But at the same time, there is also an Enterprise version available (for a fee), that is enhanced and supported through Zmanda Inc., with improvements in usability, security and applications support.

At the same time, there are several good examples of open-source software. I can think of two that I see often: Oracle's Lustre and OpenOffice. OpenOffice is a free, open-source office suite that runs on a number of different platforms. Lustre is supported by programmers who work in some of the most compute-intensive environments on earth, and OpenOffice is an offspring of one of the largest computer companies in the world. In both cases, support is provided by the community who uses these products. Keep in mind though, that the same support may not be provided with AMANDA. If it breaks, loses data, or corrupts data, are you willing to fix it yourself, or wait for a small community of software technicians to find and fix the bug?

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