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What are the biggest mobile device data protection challenges?

What are the biggest challenges when it comes to mobile device data protection? Supporting different technologies among multiple users? Remote users?

Among numerous challenges to protecting mobile device data, the single biggest one is the variance in connectivity. A mobile device at any given time can range from being connected by Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or broadband connection. The type of connection varies greatly. Also, if you will, the fee for that connection changes greatly. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are not variable based on utilization. However, if you try to do a backup across a broadband connection, it can get really expensive, really quickly.

The No. 1 thing is to have a software solution or an operating system that can make some sense of what a broadband connection is. One of the few things I like about Windows 8 is that it has a concept of a metered connection. You can tell apps not to do things on metered connections vs. non-metered connections.

The other big one I see a lot is there's an assumption you don't have to protect mobile device data because of this thing called the cloud. Most mobile devices come with some kind of cloud storage option. With ChromeBooks, it's Google Drive. With Microsoft tablets, it's OneDrive. With Apple, it's iCloud. The challenge is, while these options protect one person's data, they don't necessarily protect an organization's data. And if critical data will be on any device, you need to make sure you can protect it centrally.

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