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What cloud migration services are available for switching vendors?

Migration between cloud backup services can be a challenge, but available options can ease the process.

I have not seen any tools offered by a cloud backup provider designed to make it easier to migrate from a competitor's backup services. This does not mean that viable cloud migration resources do not exist.

Some cloud backup vendors offer cloud migration services in lieu of providing customers with do-it-yourself tools. Druva is a great example of such a vendor, especially with regard to Symantec's Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO). Druva claims it will buy back existing DLO licenses and that its professional services team can simplify migration from DLO to inSync from start to finish.

In general, backup providers are probably quite happy to help users migrate from a competitor's service. I chose Druva because it has been outspoken about its cloud migration services and assistance.

I seriously doubt cloud backup providers will begin to offer DIY tools that can support a backup service migration. A competing provider would just have to make a small change to completely invalidate such a tool. Keeping up with such changes could lead to excessive development costs and complaints from customers who have old versions of the tool.

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