What is the best VMware backup method?

Learn the best VMware backup method in this expert response by W. Curtis Preston.

We have an application based on a SQL database. It contains a very high number of small image files. Backup and restore are slow. We have one version of the application running on physical servers, but we are thinking of moving to VMware. With this in mind, should we be looking at fixed-block, variable-block or file backup? What approach, in general, would be the fastest and best VMware backup method?
What you need is some type of image-based backup. Image-based backup of an application in VMware at this point requires that you look at a third-party VMware backup solution, such as PhD Virtual Backup (formerly esXpress), Veeam Backup & Replication or Vizioncore vRanger Pro.

You could also go with a storage snapshot-based backup solution, such as Compellent, FalconStor, NetApp or Nimble Storage, which could be performed outside of VMware just as easy as inside it.

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