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What open-source data deduplication software options are available?

W. Curtis Preston explains two open-source data deduplication software options currently available -- BackupPC and Oracle's Solaris ZFS, in this ask the expert response.

What open-source data deduplication software options are available?

There are currently a few open-source data deduplication software options available. BackupPC is an open-source backup software package, and it uses file-level deduplication. It uses a hashing algorithm to identify possibly identical files, and then does a binary compare to see if they're the same. If they are, it replaces one of them with a link to the other.

Oracle's Solaris ZFS is another popular open-source file system option, and they have recently announced support for data deduplication. According to their "Dedupe FAQ", ZFS eliminates duplicated blocks between files. The FAQ also says that the performance hit should be negligible as long as the deduplication tape is able to fit in RAM. However, it does not offer any guidance as to how big that table might grow.

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