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What should I back up on my Domino server?

I want to back up my Domino server, but I'm not sure what exactly to back up. Can you help?
Basically, everything in the /Data path on a Domino server should be backed up. Also look for the Notes.ini file (which still contains many server configurations) in the Notes program directory.

So if you had the configuration:



You only need the Notes.ini file from the program path, and EVERYTHING in the Data path.

If you want to cut out anything in the data path, you could potentially skip any of the templates, although be careful of this, as you could loose any designs that have been modified by your own developers; in addition you might miss your own custom templates. Check with your developers on this.

Restoring a Domino server is pretty straightforward.

If the machine is toast:

  • Rebuild the OS.
  • Install the appropriate version of Domino to the correct locations.
  • Restore the backup into the installed paths. (Remember to put notes.ini in the program path, not the data path.)

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