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What will improve tape capacity, reliability and access to data?

Ben Woo of Neuralytix discusses what forthcoming technology will improve tape capacity, reliability and access to data in this Expert Answer.

What's next for tape? Are you seeing anything coming down the road that might improve tape capacity, reliability or access to data?

Tape is a very mature technology. I expect that more vendors will provide an object layer to tape, allowing tape to become a standardized data tier. Software-defined storage (SDS) is paving the way for this.

Back in December 2007, when the concept of object-based storage was first defined by IDC, tape was actually mentioned as a potential media tier.

It has certainly taken longer than many have thought, but by 2015, I believe that SDS solutions will be able to manage, provision and control on-premises disk and cloud-based capacity, along with LTO/LTFS tape. Improved algorithms will be able to better understand the patterns of access to data, allowing tape to once again become the preferred low-cost, capacity tier.

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