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What you should know about tape vaulting scheduling

Jon Toigo, founder and CEO of Toigo Partners International, discusses scheduling tape vaulting pickup times and the associated cost.

How frequently do tape vaulting services pick up? And does it typically cost more to have more frequent pickups?

Tape vaulting services vary widely in terms of competency and capability. As a rule, you pay for what you get.

A commercial service provider will pick up and deliver as often as you want -- for a price. Some are quite attentive to the security and safekeeping of your data assets, others may not necessarily offer all of the bells and whistles you may be seeking. Prices for services vary significantly.

While the offsite storage vendors have come together from time to time to try to work out standards, like PRISM International’s Privacy Plus Certification or various Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) standards, this is still an area where you need to be actively involved in monitoring and oversight.

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