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What's hot in dedupe technology

Rachel Dines, an analyst with Forrester Research, discusses important recent developments in dedupe technology, including deduplication accelerators.

What do you see as the most significant developments in deduplication technology in the past year or so?

The latest and greatest in dedupe technology, in my opinion, are deduplication accelerators. These software agents allow deduplication appliances to combine the best of source and target deduplication, while also adding improved integration between backup hardware and software.

By utilizing the latest in deduplication technology, these deduplication accelerators allow users to shift deduplication processing workloads between the source, the media server and disk libraries, which in turn can speed the backup process and reduce network traffic. Some of these solutions can also be used over the WAN for branch-office backups without local hardware.

Other deduplication acceleration technologies also allow the clients to send data directly from the application to the data store, without having to pass through the backup software's media server, which goes a long way in reducing backup windows.

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