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When to use backup products designed for a virtual server environment

W. Curtis Preston, independent backup expert and founder of TruthInIT, looks at using backup products designed for a virtual server environment.

W. Curtis Preston offered this advice to an attendee at a recent Storage Decisions conference.

There are a handful of backup products that were designed specifically for a virtual server environment. What are the advantages to using them?

So the first is when you have a product that is specifically designed for virtual environments, it's that whole purpose-built architecture argument. This is all they do: They can end up doing some really cool things because that's all they have to do. So the argument is, if you're 95% virtualized, it's really hard to argue against a product that does that really, really well.

The argument generally against them is, well, most people aren't 95% virtualized, which means some percentage of their environment is going to need another product. Then it's the two-product argument: Do you want to manage two products, or do you want to manage one?

What I do generally tell people is, if you're interested in one of those systems, they're certainly worth taking a look at. But make sure you check out [the] product you're currently using, and make sure you examine what their answer is as well.

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