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Why do you need data archiving software?

What are the top five signs you need data archiving software?

There are several signs that your organization needs to adopt data archiving software. Some of these signs include:

Your retention requirements are driven by regulatory compliance

If your data retention requirements are driven by federal regulation, then there is really no getting around the use of dedicated data archiving software. Automated policies are the only reliable way of ensuring you are complying with applicable regulations. Furthermore, auditors will expect to see automated data retention policies firmly in place.

You want to reclaim storage from aging data

Space reclamation is another factor that drives the need for data archiving software. High-performance, enterprise-class storage is not cheap. You can maximize your storage investment by moving stale data to a commodity storage tier.

You need e-discovery capabilities

The need for e-discovery capabilities alone probably isn't a sufficient reason to adopt the use of archival software. After all, some applications have native e-discovery functionality. Exchange Server 2013, for example, has the ability to perform e-discovery across messaging and SharePoint data. However, if you need more generalized e-discovery capabilities, then you might consider using archiving software that has data retention and e-discovery features.

Your primary backup storage tier is not large enough to hold everything

Sometimes the use of data archiving software is driven by long-term capacity planning. As we all know, data is growing at a more rapid pace than ever before. If your long-term projections indicate that data will soon outgrow your existing capacity, then you might be able to use archiving software to free up additional capacity by moving aging data to tape or to commodity storage, but still be able to find data easily when necessary.

You want to automate data lifecycle management

The use of archiving software is really the only reliable way to achieve a comprehensive data lifecycle management initiative. If automated data lifecycle management is important to you, then you need data archiving software.

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