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July 2016

CDP technology vs. legacy: Get more from backup

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This chapter is included in the Navigate backup, disaster recovery and archive convergence E-Book.

For data storage shops, convergence should actually represent an ongoing design principle, and its influence on emerging and evolving technologies is increasing. Moreover, because convergence typically promises a favorable financial impact, it should be a primary consideration in any strategic technology decision.

In the data center, convergence in various domains can help rein in the number of installed devices while reducing the number of separate pieces that must be touched every time an IT service is built or modified.

Continuous data protection (CDP) is an example of the convergence of backup and primary storage. Also called continuous backup, CDP is a storage system in which all the data in an enterprise is backed up whenever any change is made. In effect, CDP technology creates an electronic journal of complete storage snapshots, one storage snapshot for every instant in time that data modification occurs. A major advantage of CDP technology is the fact that it preserves a record of every transaction that takes place in the enterprise.

With this e-book chapter, learn about the ways that backup and primary storage are converging (e.g., CDP technology), which kinds of organizations best benefit from convergence, and some goals it can help achieve.

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