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Backup and disaster recovery services: A comprehensive guide

There are a multitude of ways to approach backup and DR services. Review the market, peruse DR plan options that can save your organization money and read how to involve the cloud.


The field of backup and disaster recovery services is wide and far reaching, not to mention constantly evolving. When deciding on backup or DR fixes, IT pros often look for a service that will have little to no downtime for mission-critical data and that won't break the bank. But with a subject as broad as data backup, where do you begin?

The editors of SearchDataBackup have pulled together top advice from contributor and storage expert George Crump. Crump is the president of IT analyst firm Storage Switzerland and has 25 years of experience in the data storage field. In this selection of tips and features, he covers the backup and disaster recovery (DR) bases, including data protection, cloud options and backup software.

Although backup and data protection are often used interchangeably, the latter can include processes like business continuity and malware prevention. To combat evolving cyber threats, data protection has seen a number of advancements in recent years.

Following a failure, having a DR plan in place that addresses modern storage concerns is crucial. Instant recovery and DR as a service (DRaaS) are two methods that are growing in popularity, especially with the possibility of reducing costs by moving your DR efforts to a cloud service. With the option of paying just for those services used, the cloud is tempting to many organizations -- but traditional, in-house DR isn't going anywhere just yet.

Enterprise backup software is another high-growth area, progressing from simply making copies of data to a more sophisticated application in the data center. There are a number of options flooding the enterprise backup software market, so make sure to do your homework when deciding on a vendor and product.

All of these new concerns and storage methods may require users to brush up on the various aspects of backup and DR. Read what Crump has to say about backup and disaster recovery services and the multitude of approaches organizations can take to form a comprehensive backup plan.

1Protect your assets-

Data protection systems and strategies

Backup and disaster recovery services are crucial to any organization's data protection strategy. In this section, read about the available products and technologies that could attack your data, and which data protection systems could work best in your environment.


The next generation of data center protection products

A new wave of hardware and software options can help IT professionals prepare to meet the challenges facing their data centers. Continue Reading


Recovering from ransomware starts with data protection strategy

Ransomware is difficult to avoid and costly to recover from. However, there are some data protection strategies that are key to a successful recovery. Continue Reading


Backup target features evolve for better data protection

Disk backup targets have evolved to include new capabilities. Discover how to get the most out of them. Continue Reading


Data protection systems for primary storage

Primary storage systems can take advantage of built-in data protection systems to replace or even lighten backup loads. Is snapshotting, mirroring or replication right for you? Continue Reading


The bleeding edge of backup applications

Data protection technologies and backup and disaster recovery services are emerging to address the growing challenges in today's data center. Continue Reading

2In case of emergency-

Disaster recovery and backup

From cyber attacks to natural disasters, it's critical to have a disaster recovery plan. Review available backup and disaster recovery services, as well as cost-cutting strategies.


A look at data backup techniques: Recovery-in-place

Recovery-in-place is changing the way businesses recover from system failures and saving time between failure and restoration. Continue Reading


Backup vs. disaster recovery: Is there a clear winner?

Backup and DR services are beginning to converge, but that doesn't mean you should drop one data protection strategy for the other just yet. Continue Reading


Lower disaster recovery costs in five steps

Disaster recovery can be a pricey operation, regardless of the size of the disaster. Understanding the ins and outs of your DR system and looking to virtualization are two ways to cut costs. Continue Reading


Data backup and disaster recovery made simple

Thanks to backup software products, storage system and software-based replication, cloud backup and DRaaS, data backup and disaster recovery have a more symbiotic relationship than ever. Continue Reading


Disaster recovery costs: The cloud vs. in-house DR

When it comes to disaster recovery costs, is the cloud or an in-house approach best? Crump examines the cost factors associated with each strategy and areas where prices can add up. Continue Reading

3The software route-

Enterprise backup software

Enterprise data backup software can streamline backup processes as modern IT environments become more complex. In this section, Crump takes a deep dive into backup software and the challenges organizations might face using it.


What is enterprise data backup software?

Explore how enterprise backup software has evolved, and which application components are essential for your organization. Continue Reading


Corporate data backup expands its use cases

Corporate data backup products have improved to meet a variety of data protection demands, from copy data management to archiving. Continue Reading


Hyper-converged storage vendors offer backup software replacement tools

Snapshot and deduplication capabilities have some hyper-converged storage vendors saying it could be time to ditch backup software. Continue Reading

4Head to the cloud-

Cloud backup and DRaaS

Data backup was one of the first major use cases for the cloud, and it has only become more prominent. With possible cost savings and a slew of options, a cloud backup plan could be the missing piece of your data protection plan.


Should free cloud backup services be used in enterprises?

Rising storage costs can make a free cloud backup service look tempting, but freemium services may come with some strings attached. Continue Reading


Cloud backup comparison helps enterprises make the best choice

Cloud backup and disaster recovery services have burst onto the market in recent years, so evaluating every available option will take some research. Continue Reading


Today's cloud-based backup strategies

Cloud-based backup has evolved to protect data across the enterprise -- on servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. But, as with any technology, it has its limitations. Continue Reading


Address cloud failover issues with DRaaS

Implementing a DR as a service plan may seem like the ideal way to go, but there are three questions to ask before you begin. Continue Reading


How to evaluate DRaaS providers

Do you know what to look for in a DRaaS provider? Crump discusses key steps to take and questions to ask when evaluating a possible provider. Continue Reading


How hyper-converged software provides DRaaS

DRaaS can reduce costs while improving an organization's ability to recover after an outage, but can hyper-converged customers take advantage of these benefits? Continue Reading

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