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Best practices for remote data backups

This guide provides advice on remote data backups through expert answers, columns, news stories and definitions.


With such a large amount of data accessed remotely -- whether through remote offices/branch offices (ROBOs) or on mobile devices -- a solid backup strategy is necessary. Companies are often responsible for remote data backups, which come with challenges. But there is a variety of technology and help for those accountable for this important type of data protection.

This guide provides tips and best practices for your organization's offsite data backups. It addresses questions you need to ask to determine which remote backup approach is the right fit for your organization, from IT staffing to bandwidth and data volume to data location. Since replication is often used in conjunction with backup, this guide compares remote backups and remote replication. And find out how the cloud serves as a direct backup target for ROBO sources.

In addition, explore news stories on remote data backups and learn about some of the latest products in the field. Read up on key terms to help you understand the process.

Learn which remote backup strategy is right for your organization.

1Remote backup pros and cons-

Backup targets for remote data

Get expert advice on where to back up remote data, including how to tackle mobile devices.


Remote data backups key for protecting corporate data

Organizations can best protect remote office data to either a data center or a cloud service. Continue Reading


Backing up data remotely not always easy; options exist

Try storing data remotely rather than on mobile devices themselves. Continue Reading


BYOD and the challenge of remote data backups

It's important to be aware of the significant issues mobile devices can cause with remote data backup. Continue Reading


How the cloud fits into remote data backup

Consider the cloud for remote data backups. Continue Reading

2Expert answers-

Remote backup planning

Explore responses to questions concerning some of the essentials in a solid remote data backup strategy.


Find the right remote data backup approach for ROBO data

There are three questions you must answer to determine which ROBO backup approach will work best. Continue Reading


Protecting ROBO data? Consider remote data backups or remote replication

Learn the determining factors for whether you should use remote data backups or remote replication. Continue Reading


Try removable disk as a target for SMB remote data backup

Smaller organizations can use an external hard disk as a backup medium in a remote site. Continue Reading


Which mobile data backup features matter most?

There are three key factors in selecting the right product for your organization's mobile data backups. Continue Reading

3In the news-

Remote data backup news

There are many remote data backup vendors and technologies. Read about some of the standouts.


A central approach to remote data backup

Integrated backup appliances, the cloud or a hybrid approach are options for remote data backup. This feature provides positives and negatives for these methods, plus examples of products on the market. Continue Reading


SimpliVity OmniCube focused on remote backups

Through a new version of OmniCube, SimpliVity upgraded its hyper-converged storage platform with a focus on remote and branch offices and data protection. Continue Reading


Pulse check on remote data backup

Due to the popularity of the BYOD movement, managing mobile device backup can be an issue, but certain technologies and products help. Continue Reading


A list of essential terms

Learn some of the key terms regarding remote backups and replication.

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