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Conquer the unique challenges of remote and mobile backups

Learn how to navigate the unique obstacles posed by remote office, cloud, endpoint and other mobile backups, and the technologies available to handle them.


Today's workforce is obviously increasingly mobile and dispersed. Data is created and stored at remote offices, home offices and on laptops and mobile devices. Protecting that data presents a variety of challenges to IT staffs.

There are many options available for protecting remote offices. Many shops today are moving away from on-site tape or disk and instead opting for a centralized backup approach -- copying data over a WAN to the home data center. Others are sending these backups to the cloud. The same applies for disaster recovery. Some shops stick with tape, but increasingly, organizations are opting to replicate data over a WAN for DR. In some cases, they keep the operation completely in-house, and others take a hybrid cloud approach.

Laptop and mobile backups come with unique challenges. The biggest may be that they are not always connected to an organization's network. And when they do connect, bandwidth can be an issue. Mobile device operating systems also present a challenge but there are products available that can perform backups of these devices.

This Essential Guide offers information on remote and mobile backups, including remote office, cloud and endpoint backup challenges, and the technologies available to address them. You will also learn about the pros and cons associated with  replicating data across a WAN for disaster recovery. 


Tech tips and expert advice

Learn about the technologies and approaches available today for protecting data at remote sites, laptops and mobile devices.


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2Case studies-

Remote and mobile backup in the real world

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Experts discuss remote backup

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