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Data protection technologies changing the market

To combat modern threats, a number of data protection technologies have gained traction in the market. In this guide, we cover three major trends turning heads, as well as a few others you may have overlooked.


The field of data protection threats and obstacles is constantly changing, and the market needs to change along with it. Rapid data growth and the costs of protecting data, while dealing with a myriad of other factors, have resulted in a new crop of data protection technologies popping up in the market.

To address modern backup and data protection concerns, a number of technologies and trends have risen in popularity as of late. Data protection technologies are not a one-size-fits-all situation, and whether its ransomware, big data, or security and compliance issues, the problems your organization might face are likely different from others looking to fix their own data security problems. Luckily, recent developments in data protection cover a wide variety of hurdles.

Copy data management has emerged as a technology to help as data protection needs grow and become more complex. Many modern methods of data protection rely on creating copies to keep files safe, but too many copies can quickly become cumbersome. Extraneous copies of data can not only be costly, but can negatively affect production and performance, so having a streamlined system for managing copies of data is a must.

Converged data protection technologies can also aid in streamlining data protection. Similar to the hyper-converged products we see flooding the market, converged data protection combines all of the functions and services you require into an easy-to-use, scalable architecture.

While Rubrik and Cohesity Inc. were once the only two names in the converged data protection game, this year has seen larger vendors, like Hewlett Packard Enterprises, get in on the action.

As with many other areas of IT, the cloud is also playing a role in modern data protection. Cloud backup and disaster recovery is another platform that organizations can use to protect data from threats, such as ransomware, and some vendors have combined the cloud with other popular data protection technologies to create a well-rounded fix. But the cloud has some limitations that potential users should understand.

With this guide, we've included a varied collection of news and tips on the constantly evolving field of data protection technology, from the data protection technologies listed above, to a few others that are making a splash in the market.

1Converged data protection-

Convergence makes its way into backup and DR

With converged data protection, scalability and flexibility are just two of the benefits that are reeling consumers in. Vendors continue to join the converged data protection market, which grows more competitive by the day. See what else this technology has to offer in the articles below.


Converged data protection grows in popularity

Converged data protection has made a splash in the storage market. See where it fits in the ever-changing data protection landscape. Continue Reading


Cohesity expands hyper-converged secondary storage

Cohesity's hyper-converged secondary storage software expands converged data protection to Microsoft Hyper-V and multiple NAS protocols. Continue Reading


Commvault launches HyperScale converged data protection

Commvault HyperScale is available as a software application or as a preloaded hardware appliance. The product is built on scale-out architecture for linear growth. Continue Reading


Converged protection in the public cloud

How do top data protection vendors tackle converged data protection and the cloud? There are some general obstacles to consider when using the technology. Continue Reading

2Cloud backup and DR-

The role of cloud in data protection

Cloud backup vendors are listening to users' modern data protection concerns and working to make cloud data protection a viable and comprehensive backup and recovery option.


Use cloud DR to protect against ransomware

Data protection techniques, like cloud-based DR, offer some of the best defenses against modern ransomware threats like WannaCry. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Axcient and eFolder merge cloud-based protection products

By bringing their cloud backup and data protection technologies under one umbrella, Axcient and eFolder hope to create a best-of-breed backup and recovery product. Continue Reading


What is the best way to use the cloud for data protection?

There are a number of ways to bring cloud computing protection into your organization. Discover how to take advantage of the benefits of the public cloud. Continue Reading


Five options to back up to the public cloud

Explore the top public cloud backup approaches and find one that will best fit your organization and data. What once was a challenge may be more accessible than you think. Continue Reading


Resistance to cloud backup still remains

Is the battle between cloud backup providers and their market competitors over? Not quite. See which concerns are keeping users from embracing cloud data protection technologies. Continue Reading

3Copy data management-

Eliminating unnecessary data

Creating multiple copies of data is a reliable way to protect data, but what happens when those copies start to take over? Extra copies of production data take up a significant amount of space in many organizations, so it's no wonder copy data management is taking the data protection field by storm.


Copy data management a key trend in 2017

As predicted, copy data management has been a pivotal part of the data protection market in 2017. See where it fits among other rising data protection technologies. Continue Reading


Copy data management explained

Learn two approaches to copy data management, key features and benefits, and how copy management systems are disrupting the traditional backup and disaster recovery market. Continue Reading


Face modern data protection challenges with copy data management

Data center protection is becoming more complex, and storage vendors are stepping up to the challenge with hardware and software products. Continue Reading


Copy data management approach gains foothold in the enterprise

Products in the copy data management market are gaining traction to protect production data and enable the use of data copies for DevOps and more. Continue Reading


How much do you know about copy data management?

Do you think you know everything there is to know about managing copy data storage? This quiz will put your knowledge to the test. Continue Reading

4What else is out there?-

Other modern data protection tools

While copy data management, converged technologies and the cloud garner most of the attention, there are other products and methods quietly keeping pace in the data protection market. From the accessibility of flat backups to the resiliency of tape storage, these approaches to data protection should not be overlooked.


Flat data backups provide alternatives to traditional methods

Flat backup has become a viable option thanks to advancements made in storage snapshot technology. Discover how flat backup technology has evolved. Continue Reading


Tape data storage still very much alive

The role of tape continues to loom large in the storage and archiving strategies of enterprises as they deal with a tsunami of data. Continue Reading


Why you should include tape in your data protection strategy

An enterprise data protection strategy that includes cloud and tape can minimize data loss, boost data agility and reduce downtime. Continue Reading


Using object storage over other data protection technologies

Object storage has come into its own. Discover what benefits object storage backup can offer enterprise administrators. Continue Reading

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