Develop copy management systems for streamlined production

Last updated:July 2016

Editor's note

With so much data out there, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on sprawl. Copy data management, which reduces storage consumption by eliminating the unnecessary duplication of production data, might be just what your environment needs. For organizations looking to set up copy management systems or learn more about the process, this essential guide provides valuable information.

Redundant copies of the same data can waste storage space, slow performance, and cause problems in accessing and restoring mission-critical data. CDM software can help eliminate those issues by reducing the number of full copies. It also reduces the chance of server sprawl and can lower costs, as precious storage space is not used up with excessive data copies.

Actifio helped make the phrase and technology popular and has continued to make advancements with its CDM products over the years. Several other vendors have come up with their own copy data management products in recent years. You'll read about some of those companies in this guide and see how copy data management systems exploded as a key approach to data protection.

But is the technology a replacement for backup? CDM can perform many important tasks, but it's essential to understand what it can't do. You'll find video, tips and expert answers about how copy management systems work as well as what you shouldn't expect from them. While a number of CDM offerings certainly have value, there can be complications with applying the technology. As analyst Randy Kerns notes, "CDM represents a new tool and embracing a new tool is sometimes difficult."

Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the key concepts and phrases associated with copy data management. There are many elements involved in a proper CDM implementation, and this guide will set you off on the right track.

1The rise of copy management systems

Copy data management has come into its own as a sleek data protection method. Explore the technology's ability to control multiple versions and how vendors are contributing to CDM.

2Tips and considerations for your copy management system

Your organization can use a copy management method to keep up with ever-increasing amounts of data -- but be aware of misconceptions.

3A list of essential definitions

Learn some key copy management system terms.

4How well do you know copy management systems?

Try these five trivia questions about the copy data management process, systems and products.