The expert guide to enterprise backup software

Last updated:June 2015

Editor's note

As IT environments become more advanced, the job of backing up and retrieving data also grows in complexity. Enterprise backup software can ease this task by streamlining processes. Data backup continues to converge with other IT disciplines toward this end, and processes that have traditionally been performed separately have come under backup's wing. Recent feature updates to backup software platforms include snapshot management, disaster recovery (DR) elements, support for cloud, virtual machine (VM) protection and archiving functionality.

There have also been developments aimed at speeding restore times as backup data sets have continued to grow. For example, recovery-in-place (also known as instant recovery) has emerged as a way to run production VMs directly from a backup instance during recovery.

This guide provides stories on the latest upgrades from some of the top enterprise backup software vendors, information on where backup software works best in a computing environment and important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing data backup software.

1New backup technology

We explore the trends shaping the enterprise backup software market and the decisions you might need to make when considering a purchase.

2Data backup software issues

Having problems with your backup software? Use the links below to better understand issues with snapshots, the cloud, VMs and enterprise data backup software in general.

3Virtual machine backup software

Virtualization is becoming prominent in every aspect of storage, and backup vendors are making moves to meet the needs of the technology. Find out where enterprise backup software works with VMs plus discover areas of improvement.