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The expert guide to enterprise backup software

Enterprise data backup software continues to expand and evolve, in both the legacy and virtual backup fields. This guide explores the different backup software options available and where they work best.


As IT environments become more advanced, the job of backing up and retrieving data also grows in complexity. Enterprise backup software can ease this task by streamlining processes. Data backup continues to converge with other IT disciplines toward this end, and processes that have traditionally been performed separately have come under backup's wing. Recent feature updates to backup software platforms include snapshot management, disaster recovery (DR) elements, support for cloud, virtual machine (VM) protection and archiving functionality.

There have also been developments aimed at speeding restore times as backup data sets have continued to grow. For example, recovery-in-place (also known as instant recovery) has emerged as a way to run production VMs directly from a backup instance during recovery.

This guide provides stories on the latest upgrades from some of the top enterprise backup software vendors, information on where backup software works best in a computing environment and important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing data backup software.

1What's new-

Backup software offerings

Read about the latest updates and features some of the top vendors have added to their backup software platforms. With replication, hypervisor support and DR features, enterprise data backup products are meeting a number of different needs.


Veeam Software adds physical protection, Office 365 backup

Veeam had been 100% virtual for 10 years, but customers sought physical support. The Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud includes several major components. Continue Reading


Acronis offers many straightforward backup options

Acronis enterprise backup software uses a minimal amount of memory, reducing the impact of backups. The vendor's Backup Purchase Wizard also eases the buying process. Continue Reading


Veritas focuses on cloud with Backup Exec update

Veritas expands support for Backup Exec, a brand it is trying to rebuild. The product allows the cloud to be used as a backup target. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Nakivo upgrades virtual machine backup

Nakivo's Backup & Replication helps improve backup speed when the software is deployed directly on a Synology NAS. The software can store VM backups. Continue Reading


Dell DL AppAssure integrated backup appliance targets SMBs

The DL4300 appliance includes AppAssure backup. The product line offers built-in replication for data recovery. Continue Reading


Unitrends releases virtual backup appliance

Unitrends Free, a slimmed down form of the firm's Enterprise Backup software, lets users protect up to 1 TB of VM storage. It supports VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors. Continue Reading


Intronis ECHOplatform focuses on rapid recovery in the cloud

Intronis added rapid recovery for Microsoft Hyper-V and physical servers in an update to its ECHOplatform backup software. Continue Reading


Asigra's Cloud Backup adds DR, snapshot-based replication

Cloud Backup 13 offers VM disaster recovery features and endpoint data protection. Docker Container support for Linux storage is also supported. Continue Reading


New backup technology

We explore the trends shaping the enterprise backup software market and the decisions you might need to make when considering a purchase.


Hyper-converged vendors tout backup features

Some hyper-converged storage vendors claim their products have so many capabilities that you don't need traditional backup software. Are they right? Continue Reading


How can an open source backup software platform improve DR?

Explore what you need to consider when choosing open source backup software. This type of technology can get the job done without breaking the bank. Continue Reading


Enterprise backup application suites offer more than ever

Expert Brien Posey discusses the evolution of data backup software suites, including the addition of features such as snapshot and replication management, cloud integration and more. Continue Reading


Deciding between a best-of-breed or single vendor data backup offering

While some IT shops choose a single backup product to protect all their resources, many assemble a collection of best-in-breed products to address their varying data protection needs. Continue Reading


When to choose open source data backup software

Brien Posey explains how open source backup tools stack up against commercial software from the bigger vendors in the market. Continue Reading


Five signs you might be due for a backup software upgrade

All software eventually becomes outdated, but how can you tell when you need an upgrade? Discover some clues that might point to an enterprise backup software tweak. Continue Reading


Data backup software issues

Having problems with your backup software? Use the links below to better understand issues with snapshots, the cloud, VMs and enterprise data backup software in general.


Three major myths about flat backup

Flat backup, which uses snapshots to protect data, is gaining ground. However, users should be careful about what it can and cannot do. Continue Reading


Does the ideal disk backup platform exist?

Backup has been seen as burdensome, but integrated backup appliances can ease that pain. Storage expert Chris Evans offers details on choosing the right backup target. Continue Reading


Can you use traditional data backup software with the cloud?

Do off-the-shelf backup applications -- designed primarily for local storage -- work for cloud data? This expert answer digs into the details. Continue Reading


Five misconceptions about recovery-in-place

Recovery-in-place, also known as instant recovery, allows users to run a VM from a backup copy. But do you have all the facts regarding the technology? Continue Reading


VMware vs. Hyper-V restoration

While VMware and Hyper-V restores have similar processes, there are a few key differences to keep in mind. Continue Reading


More than just a backup application?

What additional functions should you expect from your enterprise backup app? Continue Reading

4Virtual backups-

Virtual machine backup software

Virtualization is becoming prominent in every aspect of storage, and backup vendors are making moves to meet the needs of the technology. Find out where enterprise backup software works with VMs plus discover areas of improvement.


Three steps to instant VM recovery with backup software

With instant recovery, a virtual machine can simply be run from backup storage. While each vendor takes its own approach, there are some standard guidelines and pain points. Continue Reading


VM-specific backup software enhances virtual server backups

Virtual server backup used to be an obstacle but now VM backup software makes protection easier. Explore how VM backup and instant recovery work. Continue Reading


What it means when backup software supports VMware VVOLs

There are some architectural components to VVOLs that must be backed up. Brien Posey explains how to get that job done. Continue Reading


Five ways to mess up a VM backup software purchase

Looking to buy virtual machine backup software? Learn how to avoid these critical errors. Continue Reading


VM backup software offers flexibility, richer features

While virtualization has complicated legacy backup operations, VM backup software can help ease administrative pain. Continue Reading


What to look for in a virtual backup software offering

Brien Posey outlines the four essential criteria when purchasing virtual server backup software. Continue Reading


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