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April 2017, Vol. 16, No. 2

How the cloud fits in an enterprise data protection strategy

If you've decided to use the cloud as part of your enterprise data protection strategy, but aren't sure what you should do next, I have some questions for you. But first, keep reading. In my last Hot Spots column, I talked about why cloud services should be part of your enterprise data protection strategy, alongside (not replacing) disk and tape media. The two most compelling parts of that discussion related to the following: Reducing data loss through more frequent replication streams to cloud versus nightly tape jobs. Data agility, whereby you can often do more with your "warm" data in a cloud than you can with the "cold" copy of data within a tape cartridge. So, use cloud services for unlocking dormant value within your short-term data, while leveraging the economics and portability of tape for truly long-term retention. This month, as promised, I want to talk about which cloud services to use for your enterprise data protection strategy by posing four sequential questions. 1. Are you satisfied with your existing backup ...

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