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February 2017, Vol. 15, No. 12

Your enterprise data protection strategy should include cloud and tape

There are lots of reasons to embrace cloud services as part of your enterprise data protection strategy. But unless you are an SMB in a nonregulated industry, eliminating your use of tape shouldn't be one of them. In ESG's recent Data Protection Cloud Strategies report, although most respondents cited an intention to store data in a cloud for one to three years, they had to meet data retention mandates for five or more years. For most organizations, the longer they have to retain data, the more likely tape will continue to play a role in long-term data retention. Nonetheless, even if you don't reduce your usage of tape, that doesn't make the cloud any less compelling for an enterprise data protection strategy. The power of the cloud lies in agility, not the race to bottom dollar per gigabyte stored. When it comes to data protection and retention, the benefits of cloud-powered agility fall into a few camps, including lowering the potential amount of data that might be lost and being able to do more with secondary data copies. ...

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