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Vol. 3 No. 9 November 2004

Best Practices: Backup operations redux

In July's column, I offered 10 steps for better backup operations. The column generated many responses. My intent was to identify the fundamental activities that must be performed to ensure that backup data is properly managed and protected. To review, here's the list: Plan proactively Establish a lifecycle operations calendar Review backup logs daily Protect your backup database or catalog Identify and resolve backup window failures daily Locate and back up orphan systems and volumes Centralize and automate backup management Create and maintain an open issues report Ensure that backup is integrated with the change control process Leverage your vendors effectively When you publish such a list, inevitably some items are overlooked or discussed only briefly. I received some excellent feedback on additional areas worthy of discussion, so this month I'd like to delve into some of those suggestions. What about restore? The July column focused more on backup than restore. Some of you pointed out that there should be more emphasis on ...

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Features in this issue

  • The search for cost-effective disaster recovery

    Creating an efficient DR strategy starts with determining the value of your company's applications and data. You can find the right mix of DR technologies to protect your data without breaking the bank.

  • Accommodating arrays

    by  Jerome Wendt

    Modern storage arrays offer disk types to meet any need -- costly Fibre Channel (FC) disks for high-end applications requiring superior performance and availability, and lower-priced SATA disks for less-critical data. The arrays also come with mixed RAID configurations. But selecting the right mix of disks and RAID levels requires understanding the impact of those decisions.

  • Cheap SANs--Hype or Hot?

    Low-cost SANs still looking for a market

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