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Vol. 2 No. 3 May 2003

Outsourced Backup: Pricey But Worth It

Experio, the consulting arm of Hitachi USA, has more than 800 employees, 700 of which are mobile consultants. At the same time, it only has a four-person IT staff. How does Experio do it? In a word: outsourcing, including outsourced backup. Founded in 2000, Experio director of IT Michael Shisko says outsourcing part of the company's game plan from the get-go. Why? Simply put, "we wanted to put all our efforts on the consulting, revenue generating side of the business," Shisko says. Experio outsources its e-mail, servers and associated storage. But because the company pays for space "in real dollars," Experio employees are not to store files on the outsourced servers. Instead, they're encouraged to store e-mail and data directly on their laptops. "These days, with 30GB hard drives on their laptops, that's quite feasible," Shisko says. At the same time, "we realize that without providing them with a way to back up their laptop, that's not a user-friendly approach," Shisko says. For Experio, that backup is provided by Connected ...

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