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November, 2017, Vol. 16, No. 9

LTO-8 tape standard to provide insurance against disaster

This summer's weather disasters should have been a wake-up call about the need for a sensible business continuity strategy. But even now, several months later, recovery from flooding and infrastructure damage remains a slog. Those who contented themselves with the nonsense that high-availability architecture is a substitute for good, old fashioned disaster recovery planning are behind the eight ball. So, too, are companies that used "cloud-based" disaster recovery services that were actually managed hosting shops located a few miles from their offices and subject to the same disaster. The good news is technology does exist to make reliable copies of data and get them to distant off-site storage in an affordable way. I'm talking about tape, of course: Linear Tape-Open standard tape. It's compatible across virtually all libraries, regardless of manufacturer, and growing in terms of speeds and feeds, durability, longevity and capacity. Some vendors are already talking about generation LTO-8, though LTO-7 hasn't run its course, and ...

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