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November, 2017, Vol. 16, No. 9

Secure file sync and share enhanced to maintain data safety

Mobile computing is the norm. With organizations of all sizes embracing BYOD programs, employees are accessing corporate data from mobile devices at an ever-increasing rate. From IT's point of view, it's imperative this data remains secure and is handled in ways that are compliant with all applicable regulations. Employees typically access corporate data from a variety of devices -- laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. -- and often resort to using consumer-grade sync-and-share services to synchronize corporate data among those devices. But that puts the data at risk and has IT managers wondering whether their organization should provide secure file sync and share. Synchronizing corporate data through a consumer-grade sync-and-share service puts that data at risk in several ways. A mobile device, along with all the data on it, can be lost or stolen. Similarly, a device-level malware infection can corrupt the data itself. Organizations that wish to provide employees with a safe alternative to consumer-grade sync-and-share services ...

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