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October 2013 Vol. 12 No. 8

Goodbye, old backup app

There’s hope for storage shops straining to back up ever-growing data stores, but it might mean using a modern backup alternative instead of a traditional backup app. The usual scenario of weekly fulls/daily incrementals can break down as data overwhelms the process. The good news is that the problem may be solved using familiar tools, such as snapshots and replication, in new ways to create a sustainable backup process.

Most IT groups have moved from server-based storage to networked storage systems, a model that’s worked well for years. But now we’re seeing new apps and performance demands that are better addressed with storage installed at the server. But new techs make it possible to share that storage so you don’t lose the benefits of networked storage.

We all know the hazards of virtual desktop boot storms, but there’s more to configuring storage for VDI. Check out these 10 tips.

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