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October 2013 Vol. 12 No. 8

Modern backup alternatives

With more data to protect, storage administrators need to look at backup alternatives to supplement or replace their standard process of weekly fulls and nightly incrementals. Plenty of IT shops still perform nightly incremental backups along with weekly full backups, but many organizations are increasingly finding that their data -- and the recovery requirements for that data -- are breaking the backup models they've relied on for so long. For storage managers addressing inadequate backup operations, this may mean confronting the difficult but critical task of backup modernization. Backup modernization can be a somewhat painful process; you not only need to choose a backup technology, you need to consider the impact the transition will have on key business processes and requirements. Backup alternatives to consider When it comes to modernizing your backups, there are many solutions available ranging from the mundane and utilitarian to the exotic. Even so, there are three main flavors of data protection in use today: Continuous ...

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