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September 2013 Vol. 12 No. 7

The state of virtual server backups

Virtual server backups were once a kludgy and network-choking process, but backup applications have evolved to handle the special needs of virtualized servers. Server virtualization is without question one of the most significant technologies introduced into the data center in the last five years. It has changed almost every aspect of how architectures are designed, including networks, storage and the servers themselves. Data protection is one of the key operations that has been most impacted by the shift to a virtual environment. Gaps in data protection for virtualized infrastructures led to the origin of startup vendors that focused solely on providing virtual machine-specific backup and recovery solutions. The impact of virtualization on backups Prior to virtualization, applications ran on dedicated servers with access to all the resources (storage, memory, CPU, network) available to that server. When a backup was triggered for that application it could, for the most part, use all the available resources to complete the task ...

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