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Vol. 1 No. 5 July 2002

Are your backup processes up to snuff?

The well-oiled backup machine Systematic and repetitive processes are key to achieving smoothly running backup operations An IT administrator I know has a catchphrase that runs "backups are a necessity, restores are a luxury." So it goes with a significant portion of the IT world where tape-based backups are run on a daily basis with little or no assurance that the data forming the lifeblood of the business is appropriately protected and recoverable. I've learned that to truly rate the operations excellence of an IT group, you seldom need look further than under the cover of their tape backup environment. The simple fact is many IT administrators don't know how well their backup environment performs (see "Rate your backup operations" sidebar). The best they hope for is the backup completes in the allowable window and the truck shows up to carry the duplicate tape to some vault in the side of a mountain. After that, it's on to the hot issue of the day and backups are forgotten about until the next night. There's little or no ...

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