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April 2013

A practical guide to cloud backup providers

Cloud backup providers have grown up from their consumer product roots and now offer services that can meet the needs of enterprises. Here's what you need to know. Cloud backup services can truly change the way your IT department protects company data, but there's more to do than just sign up with cloud backup providers in the market. You may have discovered that your end users have grown frustrated because the company lacks an effective, easy-to-use backup system for their mobile devices or desktops, and have taken the issue into their own hands by installing cloud backup or file synchronization software themselves. You may have also run into problems backing up remote sites or branch offices -- the process has become too difficult to manage or you're unable to meet what you consider to be a reasonable recovery time objective. Finally, you might be interested in cloud backup because you're considering outsourcing all your company's backups to a cloud provider. For all these cases, cloud backup might be an appropriate ...

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