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April 2013

What will be the role of tape in a cloud-based world?

Although the role of tape in traditional backup operations might be diminishing, it still has a place in long-term data retention and even cloud storage services. According to the Enterprise Strategy Group's Trends in Data Protection Modernization, tape is in use in 56% of data protection strategies today. That represents a lot of tape users, suggesting tape is far from dead as some have declared. If you look at archiving solutions (not to be confused with long-term retention during backup), the use of tape would be even higher. But since our focus is on data protection instead of data management, consider the following stats derived from surveying 330 users, with a 60/40 mix of enterprise and midmarket respondents. Data backup methods currently used: To disk; copy sent off-site on removable media: 31% To disk; no off-site copy: 15% To tape; copy sent off-site on removable media: 15% To disk; copy sent to off-site disk via WAN: 15% To tape; no off-site copy: 10% Over WAN directly to second corporate site; no on-site copy: 7% To ...

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