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February 2013 Vol. 11 No. 12

Take a hybrid approach to data storage protection

The old fundamentals of data storage protection that required separate processes for backup, DR and archive can’t keep up with today's data capacities. For years, I've been among those promoting a best-practices approach to data storage protection that made clear distinctions among the processes and data related to backup, archive and disaster recovery (DR). Our articles here in Storage magazine more often than not followed the same track, addressing each of these activities separately much more frequently than as connected processes. I still believe those distinctions are important to maintain. You copy data on a daily (or more frequent) basis to ensure that if a file gets deleted or corrupted you can easily retrieve a copy that's a duplicate or at least a relatively recent version. That's backup. Then there's data you replicate so that if your company's primary systems become unavailable because of a storm, fire or any other system-crippling occurrence, you'll be able to start up at least some of your key applications so ...

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  • Cloud has a silver lining for ROBO storage

    by  Mike Matchett

    Providing and managing storage for remote and branch offices can be a challenge, but a hybrid approach using local and cloud-based storage may be the best solution.