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February 2013 Vol. 11 No. 12

We need a backup data deduplication layer

As backup data deduplication matures, it's still very much a proprietary technology. We need standardization to eliminate some of today's software-hardware headaches. Just about everyone who works with disk-based backup understands the need for data deduplication. For many, that includes the use of a deduplication storage appliance as a data backup target. Most backup software products can use deduplication appliances that present themselves as either a file share (NFS or CIFS) or a tape device (virtual tape library or VTL). The challenge with those approaches is that the backup software doesn't know it's writing to a deduplication target. All the data is sent from the backup software to the appliance, and then most of the data is discarded when the appliance determines it has it stored. If simply leveraging a deduplication appliance was "Dedupe 1.0," then "Dedupe 2.0" is to optimize the process by making the backup software deduplication-aware. It seems as if almost every deduplication array now offers API libraries that enable...

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  • Cloud has a silver lining for ROBO storage

    by  Mike Matchett

    Providing and managing storage for remote and branch offices can be a challenge, but a hybrid approach using local and cloud-based storage may be the best solution.